R.E.C Arts Reykjavík & the Nordic house look for participants

R.E.C Arts Reykjavík during Children´s Culture Festival 2023 at the Nordic house Reykjavík. Artist-Activist Collective R.E.C Arts Reykjavík, in collaboration with The Nordic House, proposes a project which seeks to provide an artistic platform for teens of minority backgrounds and communities (as well as other teens interested), ages 13-17. This cumulative program invites a group […]

Nordens hus søger deltids arkivar til en etårig projektstilling

Nordens hus søger deltids arkivar til en etårig projektstilling fra 1 januar 2023 Nordens hus i Reykjavik er et etableret Nordisk mødested for kunst, kultur, sprog og social diskussion. Bæredygtighed er centralt for vores virksomhed. Vi stræber efter CO2-neutralitet, og vi fokuserer på lighed og mangfoldighed. Vi tilbyder et modigt og relevant kunstnerisk, litterært og […]


READING CLUB IN THE NORDIC HOUSE:  FOR THOSE OF US WHO LOVE TO READ GOOD STORIES    Join the Nordic House reading club at Reykjavik’s most beautiful library, where we talk about Nordic fiction. The reading club is led by Susanne Elgum from the library.  We read in Scandinavian and talk together in “mixed Scandinavian” […]

Equal opportunities for children with developmental disorders

Equal opportunities for children of foreign origin with developmental disorders in the Nordics The Nordic countries are seeing growing numbers of children with an immigrant background and developmental disorder. The seminar gathers experts from the Nordic and Baltic countries to share knowledge and experiences on how to support the wellbeing of foreign-born children and youth […]

Nominations for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2022

Planting eelgrass in Denmark, restoring drained wetlands in Iceland, Sweden’s oldest existing UNESCO biosphere reserve and a voluntary association that restores rivers and streams in Finland. Six projects have been nominated for the Environment Prize 2022 for the theme is nature-based solutions. Six nominations The nominations for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2022 are: Sund […]

New library system

What is happening? New library system is coming our way and while it is being updated our self-check in stations are out of order, no new books can be listed and you won’t be able to reserve or renew your loans. But you can of course come and loan books. Please bring your library card […]

17th May – Norways nationalday

Norway’s national day is celebrated on 17th May. Many Norwegians live in Iceland and tomorrow many of them will gather and celebrate the day together. Normannslaget, an association of Norwegians and ‘friends of Norway’ in Iceland, organises a festive program on this day. Part of it will take place here in the Nordic House between […]

The Length and Breadth of the Nordic Region 3

“The Length and Breadth of the Nordic Region” “The Length and Breadth of the Nordic Region” is an anthology trilogy that’s part of Lyftet – an initiative from the Nordic ministers for culture in the field of children’s and young people’s literature. The primary initiative is an annual interdisciplinary seminar on current Nordic children’s and […]

The Children’s Book Flood is nominated in Latvia

Books build bridges between people and places, both real and imagined ones. The Children’s Book Flood opened in the Nordic House in Reykjavík on the 50th anniversary of the building in 2018. The writer and illustrator Kristín Ragna Gunnarsdóttir was the exhibition’s author and curator. Children were invited to participate in an adventurous journey through […]

DesignMarch 19th to 23rd of May

The Nordic House participates in DesignMarch 19th to 23rd of May. This year the focus will be on an environmentally friendly design that departs from the present and heads towards new ways of thinking. Amongst topics dealt with in the exhibition are sustainable architecture, utilization of invasive plants, and circular design. Moreover, the designers shed […]

Upcoming Children’s Events

Ash Day at The Nordic House 17.2.2021 Children who visit the exhibition Eggið on Ash Day (Öskudagur), and who also make a creative figure with the help of an instructor, will receive sweets. Parents and guides are kindly requested to wear face masks. Registration on TIX. Winter holidays – free course for children of all […]


Welcome to the Nordic House. As our guests, your safety is our main priority. We follow the guidelines given by the Icelandic Health Authorities at all times and have introduced measures to secure that your visit happens safely. OPENING HOURS Information on opening hours and temporary closing due to covid can be found here. A […]

Holiday opening hours

Ascension Day May 21st Open 10-17 (MATR 12-16) Whitsunday 31st of May Open 10-17 (MATR closed) Whitmonday 1st of June CLOSED (Monday) The national day of Iceland 17th of June CLOSED Commerce Day 3rd of August CLOSED   Event Calendar For further information please contact

New director of The Nordic House

Sabina Westerholm from Finland is a new director of The Nordic House in Reykjavik since January 2nd 2019.  One of her main ambitions is to develop the programme for children and young people. Westerholm previous job was Managing Director of the Pro Artibus Foundation, which works to support the visual arts in Swedish-speaking Finland. During her career, […]

Norræn dagskrá á Lýsu 2018 – Hofi Akureyri –

Norðurlönd í fókus, Norræna félagið og Halló Norðurlönd standa fyrir dagskrá á samfélagshátíðinni LÝSU á Akureyri um helgina! Dagskráin hefst kl. 11:15 þegar forsætisráðherra Katrín Jakobsdóttir tilkynnir tilnefningar ársins til Umhverfisverðlauna Norðurlandaráðs 2018. FÖSTUDAGUR 7. SEPTEMBER 11:15 – 12:00 HAMRAGIL Tilkynnt um tilnefningar til Umhverfisverðlauna Norðurlandaráðs 2018 Katrín Jakobsdóttir forsætisráðherra tilkynnir opinberlega um tilnefningar til […]


CALL FOR APPLICATIONS FOR ICE HOT REYKJAVÍK 2018 IS NOW OPEN! The call for application to perform and present work at ICE HOT Reykjavík opens today and closes 31st of January 2018. The platform will take place 12th–16th of December 2018 in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík. All Nordic contemporary dance artists working and living […]

Opening hours during the Holidays

The Nordic House is closed from 24 of December 2017 and reopens January 2nd, 2018. AALTO Bistro is open 27.12 and 30.12 from 11:30 – 21:30. The Reception and design-boutique open again 06.01.2018 Open daily: 09:00 – 17:00 Wednesdays: 09:00 – 21:30 Weekends: 11:00-17:00 Reception Open daily: 09:00 – 17:00 Wednesdays: 09:00 – 21:00 Weekends: […]

Ókeypis skólavist

Lýðháskólanám í Færeyjum september – desember 2017 Lýðháskólinn í Færeyjum býður tveimur ungmennum frá Íslandi skólavist, þeim að kostnaðarlausu. skráning á:   Hefur þú áhuga á því að fara í Lýðháskóla í Færeyjum? Þá er þetta kjörið tækifæri fyrir þig.  Í Lýðháskóla Færeyja er engin námsáætlun, engin próf og engin pressa. Í Lýðháskóla Færeyja færðu […]

Art Auction in Support of Wordquake

Art Auction in Support of Wordquake  18. September 2017, 3.30pm-5pm Sted Remisen på Godsbanen + Livestream via Original art work by highly acclaimed Nordic artists such as Knud Odde (DK), Gabríela Friðriksdóttir (IS), and Patrik Gustavsson (SE). Download catalog with art work on from the 5th of September.  Livestream via  Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers swing the hammer […]