DesignMarch 19th to 23rd of May

The Nordic House participates in DesignMarch 19th to 23rd of May. This year the focus will be on an environmentally friendly design that departs from the present and heads towards new ways of thinking. Amongst topics dealt with in the exhibition are sustainable architecture, utilization of invasive plants, and circular design. Moreover, the designers shed […]

Nordic Day 23 March – various events throughout the week related to Nordic culture

The Nordic Day is held annually on 23 March to celebrate Nordic co-operation and showcase its importance. This year the day is celebrated at the Nordic House through  various events throughout the week. The light will be shed on Nordic culture and lifestyle through a debate, concert, food, children and youth literature, photo competition and […]


Welcome to the Nordic House. As our guests, your safety is our main priority. We follow the guidelines given by the Icelandic Health Authorities at all times and have introduced measures to secure that your visit happens safely. OPENING HOURS Information on opening hours and temporary closing due to covid can be found here. A […]

No more home delivery on library books

Following guidance from the Ministry of Health’s lawyers, the libraries in Iceland have decided to stop all lending. This, regrettably, means that we also will stop distributing lending materials. We thank all of you who used our door-to-door service. However, we can refer to our digital collection of 62.000 ebooks and audiobooks (, mainly in […]

The Nordic House in Reykjavik is looking for exhibition hosts

The Nordic House in Reykjavik is looking for exhibition hosts mainly for work during the weekends. As an exhibition host, you greet our visitors, answer questions and manage our small design shop. You provide visitor statistics, monitor the exhibition and perform other minor tasks as agreed. It is an advantage if you have an education […]

Norræn dagskrá á Lýsu 2018 – Hofi Akureyri –

Norðurlönd í fókus, Norræna félagið og Halló Norðurlönd standa fyrir dagskrá á samfélagshátíðinni LÝSU á Akureyri um helgina! Dagskráin hefst kl. 11:15 þegar forsætisráðherra Katrín Jakobsdóttir tilkynnir tilnefningar ársins til Umhverfisverðlauna Norðurlandaráðs 2018. FÖSTUDAGUR 7. SEPTEMBER 11:15 – 12:00 HAMRAGIL Tilkynnt um tilnefningar til Umhverfisverðlauna Norðurlandaráðs 2018 Katrín Jakobsdóttir forsætisráðherra tilkynnir opinberlega um tilnefningar til […]

Open for applications: The Nordic House Pikknikk concert series

Do you want to play in Vatnsmýrin? The concert series Pikknikk is one of the Nordic House’s most popular happenings and a regular event in the building’s cultural calendar. The concert series takes place in the beautiful setting around the Nordic House, in the greenhouse in the summertime, and it attracts both Icelandic and foreign […]

Ókeypis skólavist

Lýðháskólanám í Færeyjum september – desember 2017 Lýðháskólinn í Færeyjum býður tveimur ungmennum frá Íslandi skólavist, þeim að kostnaðarlausu. skráning á:   Hefur þú áhuga á því að fara í Lýðháskóla í Færeyjum? Þá er þetta kjörið tækifæri fyrir þig.  Í Lýðháskóla Færeyja er engin námsáætlun, engin próf og engin pressa. Í Lýðháskóla Færeyja færðu […]

Art Auction in Support of Wordquake

Art Auction in Support of Wordquake  18. September 2017, 3.30pm-5pm Sted Remisen på Godsbanen + Livestream via Original art work by highly acclaimed Nordic artists such as Knud Odde (DK), Gabríela Friðriksdóttir (IS), and Patrik Gustavsson (SE). Download catalog with art work on from the 5th of September.  Livestream via  Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers swing the hammer […]

Danish museum invites Nordic artists to participate in portrait competition

Danish museum invites Nordic artists to participate in portrait competition Open call: Now is the time to find the best Nordic portraits. The portrait competition “Portrait NOW! 2017”, The Carlsberg Foundation’s Portrait Award, is open for entries. The Carlsberg Foundation’s Portrait Award is a bi-annual competition for Nordic artists established in 2007 and presented by […]

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