The Nordic Council Environment Prize

The prize goes to a company, organization or individual for exemplary efforts to integrate respect for nature and the environment into their business or work or for some other form of extraordinary initiative on behalf of nature and the environment.

The Nordic Council Environment Prize

Jens-Kjeld Jensen won the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2020

This year, the Nordic Council environment prize was awarded to Jens-Kjeld Jensen from the Faroe Islands. He is an honorary doctor, writer, chef, and nature enthusiast. The Nordic Council has awarded him the prize for his work with studying and conveying the development of biodiversity in the Faroe Islands. The motivation states, amongst other things, that he is an example of how much a true activist can achieve.

With five books and over 500 articles about biodiversity in the Faroe Islands to his name, of which more than 200 are scientific and popular science pieces, it would be a bit unfair to describe Jens-Kjeld Jensen’s work as a hobby – although he does so himself, despite receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of the Faroe Islands. He is awarded the prize for his work that spans more than 40 years, putting the spotlight on the diversity of nature in the Faroe Islands.

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About the Environment Prize

The idea behind the prize is to raise awareness of environmental work in the Nordic Region. it has been awarded since 1995, along with the Nordic Council’s other prizes.

Three-step process

Choosing the winner of the Environment Prize is a three-step process:

  • Open nominations
  • National committees submit nominations (one or two)
  • Adjudication Committee meets and picks the winner

The Adjudication Committee

The Nordic Adjudication Committee consists of 13 members: Two from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and one from the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.

The Prize and Award Ceremony

The Environment Prize is worth DKK 300,000 (approx. €40,000) – the same amount as the other prizes – and is run and managed by The Nordic House in Reykjavik. The prize is usually awarded alongside the other Nordic prizes for literature, music, and film at a special ceremony during the annual Session of the Nordic Council in autumn.

Previous winners

The most recent winners are:

  • 2020 Jens-Kjeld Jensen (FO)
  • 2019 Greta Thunberg (SE) (Thunberg chose to turn down the prize)
  • 2018 Natural Resource Council of Attu, West Greenland (GL)
  • 2017 Repack (FI) – reusable packaging and return system for e-commerce
  • 2016 Too Good To Go (DK) – a digital innovation that supports sustainable lifestyles
  • 2015 The energy company SEV (FO) – green electrification
  • 2014 The City of Reykjavik (IS) – wide-ranging and determined commitment to the environment
  • 2013 Selina Juul (DK) – combating food waste

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Fanney Karlsdóttir

The Nordic House is the administrative office for the Nordic Council Environment Prize

The Nordic House in Reykjavík has administered the Nordic Council Environment Prize since January 2016. The work is carried out in close collaboration with the Nordic Adjudication Committee as well as the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Council.

For further information please contact:

Fanney Karlsdóttir
Tel: +354 551 7032