Image shows the Nordic House library. A staircase is in the middle, a child running down the stairs. All around are bookshelves filled with books. Big windows above the shelves and the daylight coming from them lights up the spaces.


The Nordic House Library is a public library where everybody is welcome. The library opened in 1969, one year after the official opening of the Nordic House. The library only contains books in the Nordic languages by Nordic authors, except there are no books by Icelandic authors in Icelandic, only translations of their works to other Nordic languages.

Individuals, libraries, schools and institutions can borrow collection materials.



Þeir sem náð hafa 18 ára aldri geta gerst lánþegar. Lánþegaskírteini kostar 2000 kr. og gildir í 1 ár. Bækur, hljóðbækur, tímarit og tónlist eru lánuð út í 30 daga. Kvikmyndir eru lánaðar út í 7 daga. Grafíkverk eru lánuð út í 3 mánuði. Dagsektir eru 10 kr. fyrir bækur, hljóðbækur, tímarit og tónlist en 30 kr. fyrir DVD-myndir og grafíkverk. Glatist eða skemmist safnefni er það rukkað eftir sérstakri gjaldskrá fyrir glatað eða skemmt safnefni.

The Children’s Library

In the children’s library, you’ll find children’s literature in seven Nordic languages and meet world famous characters like Pippi Longstocking and the Moomins.

During the winter the library arranges storytelling hours for children in Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Danish. Kindergartens, primary schools; other groups can also book visits to the Nordic house and its library.


Artotek or the Art Library of the Nordic House was established in 1972 when the Northern Graphic Union donated 200 graphic artworks by Nordic artists to the Nordic House as a foundation for an art library. The obligation was that the library users could borrow art in the same way as books and other material.

Borrowing art began in 1976, was considered a great innovation and became very popular. New works are constantly being added and the art library now has more than 500 artworks. Registered borrowers can borrow 3 graphic artworks at the same time for a 3 month period.