Children and Youth

Welcome to The Nordic House. We accept group visits by request. Visits by schools and kindergartens are free of charge.

More information available from The Nordic House Mediator of Arts and Culture: Hrafnhildur Gissurardóttir / / 551 7061.

Brochure about children and youth programs (Icelandic and English)

Fall & Winter 2022

Pedagogical activites for children and a gathering place for families at the Nordic house

The Nordic house emphasizes quality mediation for young people, children and families. Cross disciplinary creative events, workshops and guided tours – that are based on the diverse program and exhibitions at the Nordic house- are tailored for our younger guests.

Special programs for school groups of different ages, are carried out all year around and creative education around the topic of the Nordic – and Baltic countries art & culture. The Nordic house educational program follows the curriculum of education and is in context with the diverse program and exhibitions of the Nordic house.

The educational program of the Nordic house follows the Nordic Council of Ministers’ political priorities that aim to ensure that people of all ages have access to the highest quality education.

The Children’s Library

In the children’s library, you’ll find children’s literature in seven Nordic languages and meet world famous characters like Pippi Longstocking and the Moomins. We have a great family friendly program, activities, crafts and story hours in Scandinavian languages.


What is the Nordic Bookworm?

The Nordic Bookworm website hosts conversation ideas and educational material for parents, kindergartens and primary schools based on Nordic picture books. The idea was an initiative of the Nordic Culture Point, and the goal is to create free teaching materials in all of the Nordic languages thus facilitating children’s access to the Nordic book treasure.

On the website  you can search for books according to different themes such as friendship, compassion, independence and imagination that may be found in one of the Nordic children’s books and those stories can be used to enrich the teaching.

Here you can see the books that can be found in the Reykjavík City Library and many of the books may also be found in one of the Nordic languages at the Nordic house library in Reykjavík.

The educational website is the result of a Nordic collaboration between the Reykjavík City Library, the Nordic House in Finland, the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, the Nordic Institute in Greenland and the Nordic Institute in the Åland Islands.

In 2023 an exhibition based on the books and material of the Nordic Bookworm will be at the Children’s Book Library at the Nordic house.

More information is provided by:
Guðrún Elísa Ragnarsdóttir, expert at the City Library.
and Hrafnhildur Gissurardóttir, head of education at the Nordic house Reykjavík.

R.E.C Arts Reykjavík and Nordic House Collaboration
during Children´s Culture Festival 2023

Artist-Activist Collective R.E.C Arts Reykjavík proposes a project which seeks to provide an artistic platform for teens of minority backgrounds and communities, ages 13-17.

Groups of students from multiple schools are invited to join  at the Nordic House in Reykjavík for a twice-monthly workshop series. This series will include discussions and artistic exercises guided by members of R.E.C Arts Reykjavík as well as guest instructors from the collective. The main themes we will be working with are: Identity, Community and Empowerment. The workshops encourage elaborating on skills that the students already have or would like to pursue. Using communal discussions and different formats of storytelling (theatre, music, dance, writing, etc), young people will be encouraged and empowered to have a voice and place in society.

Each of these workshops will be three hours long, and be cumulative— with the end goal to produce a “showcase” performance presentation during the Children’s Culture Festival in the spring of 2023. This showcase will also aim to educate those from more privileged backgrounds on the important cultural changes that are currently happening in Icelandic society.

Photo: kajasigvalda

R.E.C Arts Reykjavík have worked with both adults and youth, in workshops that bring different minorities together (and those whose identities may intersect multiple marginalized communities). They are known for creating a space of learning, growth, empathy and understanding by building confidence in each individual they work with, as well as providing a safe community for self-expression and education. Their plan is to create a place where everybody belongs in their own authentic way; and more-so, they know that they are an important part of a community.

Members of R.E.C Arts Reykjavík would like to introduce the project in schools that are interested to bring forth the project in January 2023.  For those who would like to learn more or receive an introduction of the project in person please write to or  



The Nordic House’s Friend School

The project The Nordic House’s Friend School is a long term joint project with Hólabrekkuskóli, emphasizing students in the 6th grade.

The project starts with a visit to The Nordic House where students learn about the house’s work, the Nordic countries, along with high points in Nordic culture with special focus on the arts, music and literature. The project consists of a comprehensive education where the students have an opportunity to work as a group, every group picking their focus, giving students a chance to learn related to their interests under the guidance of a curator instructor.

The Nordic House follows the policy of the Nordic Council of Ministers in conducting international work with emphasis on children’s rights and the vision of young people, along with aiming to make the Nordic countries one of the most sustainable and intergrated area in the world.