Visiting artist

The Nordic House had the privilege of hosting the Finnish artist Saara Ekström.  Saara is an admirer of Icelandic nature and came to Iceland to collect material for her art and be inspired.

“I’m very happy to be invited to the Nordic House to work on a project connected to the earth’s strata and geological cycles of time. Iceland is one of the most fascinating places I’ve been to.

Driving in these vast and spellbinding landscapes takes my breath away, and I experience physical and mental vertigo. Nature here is so alive, so intense, beautiful, gentle, and violent, and it feels as if I am looking both into the beginning and the end at the same time.

The material I’m working on here will be a part of a 16mm film, which branches to several directions, tapping into the metabolism of a planet, where prehistoric forests digest into fossil fuels and new islands burst forth. The processes are often extremely gradual, but nonetheless, everything is in constant flux. Even mountains are not eternal: they too breathe, migrate, grow, erode – and disappear – naturally or artificially. We, humans, are firmly connected to this chain of events, which makes us into who we are. To not recognize our link to and dependency of nature is a fatal misconception.

The work, that has been filmed in several other locations and museum archives, will have its premiere in a solo exhibition at Helsinki Art Hall, Finland, in 2022. It will also be shown here at The Nordic House, for which I’m super grateful!I’d very much like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards the generous, warm, skilled, and lovely staff of the Nordic House, and the Matr restaurant <3!”


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Welcome to Kynjaþing, a feminist assembly, which is held November 2nd in the Nordic House

Kynjaþing is a democratic and feminist forum for the public. The agenda for the day is organized by NGOs and grassroots organizations, where the idea is to enhance dialogue between us who are concerned about equality in the world. This gives the public the opportunity to become acquainted with the main things that are happening in feminist discourse.

Non-governmental organizations working on gender equality, human rights and politics are encouraged to apply to hold events and / or present their work at the Session. Participation is free!

Apply to hold an event at the Kynjaþing here


Admission is free and everyone is welcome!
Let’s talk! Let’s go!

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The Nordic House in the Faroe islands seeks a project manager

 Nordens Hus på Færøerne søger en projektleder 

Vil du arbejde med at afvikle møder og konferencer, udvikle Nordens hus som et fremragende konferencested og en spændende destination til rejsende på Færøerne og gå aktivt ind i arbejde med Nordens Hus’ hjemmeside og placering på de sociale medier? 

Er du interesseret i et dynamisk arbejde hvor du både får brug for dine evner som praktisk afvikler og dine evner som planlægger og projektleder? Så er projektlederstillingen på Nordens hus måske noget for dig.  


  • At deltage i programlægningen af husets arrangementer  
  • At planlægge og afvikle møder og konferencer, alt fra idéarbejde til budgetlægning og afvikling i samarbejde med husets forskellige konferencekunder 
  • At deltage som husets repræsentant i forskellige samarbejdsområder og udvikle et MICE netværk både lokalt og nordisk 
  • At deltage i relevante nordiske/internationale møder 
  • At arbejde med husets annoncestrategi, hjemmeside og sociale medier 

Din profil 

Vi søger en engageret og resultatorienteret medarbejder med relevant uddannelse og stor erfaring indenfor møde- og konferencebranchen, samt et relevant netværk.  

Vi søger dig som har prøvet at holde trådene sammen i store projekter, hvor mange aktører kommer sammen med forskellige idéer og sprog. Projektarbejdet kan ligge både aftener og i weekender, så du skal være indstillet på fleksible arbejdstider. 

Vi søger en som har både strategiske og praktiske evner. Vi har brug for en medarbejder som er udadvendt og kan arbejde selvstændigt, men i god diplomatisk dialog med Nordens Hus’ øvrige medarbejdere og projektpartnere. Derudover er et godt kendskab til offentlig forvaltning og erfaring med arbejde i en politisk styret organisation en fordel.  

 Arbejdet som projektleder i Nordens Hus kræver kommunikative talenter og en fremragende evne til at udtrykke sig mundtligt og skriftligt på et af Nordisk Ministerråds officielle sprog (dansk, norsk og svensk) og engelsk. Et godt kendskab til både skriftlig og mundtlig færøsk er bestemt et plus. Vi forventer, at du er godt hjemme i hele Office-pakken og har god erfaring med at arbejde med hjemmeside og sociale medier.  

Løn- og ansættelsesforhold 

I henhold til regler for institutioner under Nordisk Ministerråd og overenskomst mellem relevant fagforening og Finansministeriet på Færøerne. Ansættelsesperioden er 4 år med mulighed for forlængelse – dog højest 8 år i alt. 


Hvis du ønsker at søge stillingen, udfyld venligst ansøgningsformularen på vores rekrutteringsportal.  Ansøgningen skal ledsages af CV og kort motivation, som tydeligt beskriver relevante færdigheder og ideen med at søge. Ansøgningen skal være på færøsk, dansk, svensk eller norsk. 

Ansøgningsfrist 22. januar 2017. 

Jobstart 1. april 2017.  

Yderligere oplysninger kan fås ved henvendelse til Sif Gunnarsdóttir, Nordens Hus på Færøerne på telefon +298 351 351. 

Nordens Hus er en institution under Nordisk Ministerråd og Det Færøske Landsstyre. Nordens Hus har som formål at formidle nordisk kultur til Færøerne og færøsk kultur til de øvrige nordiske lande samt at fremme og støtte det færøske kulturliv. Årligt er der i gennemsnit 400 arrangementer og ca. 100.000 gæster. Der er 15 ansatte i Nordens Hus.  

Nordiska Ministerrådet är de nordiska regeringarnas samarbetsorgan. Nordens hus på Färöarna är en av Nordiska Ministerrådets 12 institutioner. Institutionerna förverkligar ministerrådets vision på sina respektive områden, i samarbete med nationella och internationella aktörer. Verksamheten leds av en direktör som rapporterar till ministerrådets generalsekreterare.

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Orkester Norden has started audition for the summercamp 2016

This year’s summer tour will feature conductor Lawrence Foster and soloist Vikingur Ólafsson. The orchestra will be comprised of about 80 musicians and will tour from August 8 to August 25. Please see the details below on how to participate. You need to submit a video so we can see you play.

Join us this year – what to do:

1. First, download the audition sheet music by filling out the application form, and familiarize yourself with the material.
Practice it carefully before recording the video.

2. Make a video where we can see you play the material.
For some tips on how to make a video, click further down the page.

3. Fill out the application form and upload the video through our application system.


You must submit your application by May 8, 2016, and you will get an answer at the beginning of June. Good luck!

Rules for participation

Even if you do not meet all the eligibility criteria, we still encourage you to apply. You will be considered for any potential vacancies in the orchestra.

Who can join?

You can join if you are a student at a conservatory in Scandinavia or the Baltic states, or if you are a citizen of one of these countries and attend a conservatory in another country.

Your age

You must be at least 15 years old, and you must not be more than 25 years old at the time the orchestra is assembled.

About the audition material

The material for your video audition is usually a solo piece for your instrument – often a movement from a concert, a sonata, etc. In addition, there may be excerpts from the orchestral parts.

Special auditions for concertmaster

If you want to apply for the concertmaster position, you must submit a video in which you perform some special material. When you audition for concertmaster, you are automatically considered for tutti violin in general and must therefore only submit one audition, where you check the box for concertmaster position.

About the professional staff involved in Orkester Norden

If you make it past the audition, you will work with professional instructors and play in large concert halls with renowned conductors and soloists.


If you have any other questions, please contact

How to make your video for ON

When you record your video, the most important aspect is your performance. We should be able to see you play. You must also be able to play the material. The sound quality is important too, because we want to hear you play. Moreover, we would like to experience the fact that you love to play!

The enrollment link gives you access to the upload video. The film must be in MP4/MPEG4 file format.

Which camera should I shoot with?

Use the best camera you have access to. Of course, there is a difference between an iPhone and a professional camera, but we really just want to see a film in which you play your material – and it is to your advantage to use an external microphone connected to the camera. The camera should be placed in a holder/tripod mount that fits your camera, iPad or smartphone, so it stays on the tripod.

Get help with your video

Alternatively, if you have a good friend who has made a video before, he or she may be able to help you, and that makes it a little more fun. The more familiar this person is with their equipment, the better the video clip. If this person is used to shooting with an iPhone, it will be easier for him or her to film with the iPhone than a big new camera.

Or ask your school if they will help. Perhaps there is a sound engineer who understands video and editing. Maybe he has the equipment to help.

You can also do it yourself, but this requires testing the position of your face and instrument in the picture. Make sure you sit in the same place again after you have turned on the camera. However, it is best to work with someone.

If you do not have a microphone and believe that the sound is good enough for us to hear you play, you can also send it in.

How to – the technical aspects:

  • What you need: a tripod and a tripod mount that fits your camera, iPad or smartphone, so it stays on the tripod.
  • Remember to film vertically when using a smartphone or iPad
  • A microphone: for example, an IRIG stereo microphone, which can be connected to a smartphone or iPad.
  • Film in a room with natural daylight, so you don’t have to use any additional light when filming.
  • Film in a place without noise, and sit in a chair that does not squeak when you play.
  • Film at a distance of about 1.5–3 meters away from the camera so we can see your face, your hands and your instrument.
  • Use a room with good acoustics – avoid too much reverb.
  • Light source: Do a test and listen to the recording. How is the sound? Is the microphone placed in the right place?

A helpful editing tip

If you need to cut the video at the beginning or end, you can, for example, use Pinnacle Studio or another video editing tool.

Further information:
Facebook site:


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Nordic Culture Point

Nordic Culture Point is an active cultural organisation that works with the whole of the Nordic Region as its platform.

The organisation has three main areas of activity. We provide the secretariat function for three Nordic funding programmes: the Culture and Arts Programme, the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture and NORDBUK. We run a cultural centre and library in the heart of Helsinki, which spreads knowledge of and stimulates interest in culture and the Nordic Region. We are responsible for the profile of cultural co-operation in the Region and beyond. These activities create physical, financial and digital spaces for cultural encounters.

Nordic Culture Point is under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

More Info:


Announcements, Óflokkað @en


The Nordic House will be closed during public holiday on Sunday the 2nd of August and Monday the 3rd of August. We look forward in seeing you again on Tuesday August 4th.

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