Nordic Folk Music- Concert


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Nordic Folk Music- concert

A rare opportunity to hear live Folk and Roots music from Norway  June 14,  7:30 – 9:30 pm. Entrence 2500 kr.


VAKA Folk Arts Festival, Akureyri, is delighted to be working in collaboration with Norræna Húsið, to bring these wonderful musicians to Reykjavík. Two of the featured acts at VAKA 2016, Vassvik  and Marit & Stein  will be stopping off in Reykjavík on their way to Akureyri and will give a concert at Norræna Húsið on Tuesday 14. June.

The annual VAKA Folk Arts Festival in Akureyri presents the very best folk and roots musicians, dancers and craft workers, rooted in the traditional folk arts of Iceland, along with performers from the Nordic and other countries of northern Europe.

This will be a rare and special opportunity to see and hear two very different but complementary styles of Norwegian traditional music. The shamanistic joik singing of Sami, Torgeir Vassvik from Gamvik in Finnmark, at the northernmost tip of Norway and the timeless and unforgettable sound of langeleik and harp played together by Marit Steinsrud and Stein Villa from Gjøvik in Oppland in the south.



Torgeir Vassvik is an artist from Sápmi’s northernmost tip, Gamvik in Norway, whose shamanistic vocal and percussion rituals draw their strength and profundity from the extreme polar climate and landscape. The soundscapes he creates by combining traditional Sami joik and resonant throat singing techniques from Siberia, perfectly capture the rugged and extraordinary beauty of this landscape. Combining elements from east and west he updates mystic musical techniques for the 21st century.

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Marit and Stein

When Marit and Stein invite you into their musical company the result is intimate and personal. Their music has strong melodies, rooted in the Norwegian tradition. They play a mix of traditional tunes and their own compositions on some of the most forgotten of old Norwegian instruments. The unique sound that they create with langeleik and harp together is both old-fashioned and timeless at the same time, reminding us that we are part of a living tradition.

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