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The Nordic House library has an impressive collection of art by Nordic graphic artists. Registered borrowers can borrow 3 graphic artworks for a 3-month period. A library card costs ISK 2000 and is valid for one year. With the card, you get a 10% discount at MATR and Hvelfing design store.

We are open Tue-Sun 10-17. Mondays closed.

Borrow art from The Nordic House Artotek

The Art Library of the Nordic House was established in 1972 when the Northern Graphic Union donated 200 graphic artworks by Nordic artists to the Nordic House as a foundation for an art library. The obligation was that the library users could borrow art in the same way as books and other material.
Borrowing art began in 1976, was considered a great innovation, and became very popular. New works are constantly being added and the art library now has more than 600 artworks.

Some of the artists that have artwork in the collection are:

Ragn­heiður Jóns­dótt­ir, Sven­robert Lundquist, Jó­hanna Boga­dótt­ir, Tomo Aalto, Jón­ína Lára Ein­ars­dótt­ir, Kjart­an Guðjóns­son, Sigrún Eld­járn, Lars Gunn­ar Nord­ström, Bragi Ásgeirs­son, Sigrun Guðjóns­dótt­ir, Tryggvi Ólafs­son, Helgi Þorgils, Björg Þór­steins­dótt­ir, Andres Kjær, Baltas­ar, Os­mund Han­sen and Tage Stentoft.


Welcome to our Artotek to see the selection
We are open Tue-Sun 10-17. Mondays closed