“WE THE GUINEA PIGS” – documentary screening by SEEDS

Aðgangur ókeypis
We invite you to watch “WE THE GUINEA PIGS”, one of the three documentaries of the WHY PLASTIC? project on the 26th of May 2022 hosted by SEEDS and the Nordic House.
Next to the documentary, there will be a facilitated formal discussion about topics and issues opened in the documentary.
Are we part of the greatest biological experiment in the history of mankind?
The documentary investigates why we are still constantly and increasingly exposed to dangerous chemicals through our plastic use, even though researchers have warned us about the potential adverse health effects for decades.
Fertility issues, cancer, and ADHD have all been linked to the chemicals in plastic.🧬
Could it be that we are involuntary participants in an enormous experiment 🔬 threatening the health of millions of people – maybe even mankind as such?🌍
There is no entry fee, however the seats will be given by the concept of first come, first served
The event will be in English.