Peter & the Wolf (NO)


Peter & the Wolf (NO)

Scheduled: Saturday, March 11th, 14:00.

Templeton’s film is an animated version of Sergei Prokofiev’s musical tale for children, which was written and composed in 1936. Peter lives in a world where he has to confront evil and his struggle against the wolf leads to his transformation. A fragile little boy, Peter discovers his own strength and, with the help of a few friends, becomes a true hero.

Peter and the Wolf has won several awards, including the Academy Award in 2008 for Best Animated Short Film.

”A thrillingly beautiful animation” – The Sunday Times

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PROGRAM  Nordic Film Festival 2017

Premiere: 2006

Director: Suzie Templeton

Genre: Animation

Playtime: 33 min.

Age: 7+

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