Airwaves off venue- THURSDAY


Airwaves off venue in The Nordic House


Welcome to the Nordic House -Black Box and enjoy an elaborate OFF VENUE program. Admission is free!

More information on the artists can be found below.

13:00     Silja Johannesen (FO)

14:00     Magnetosphere

15:00     Ghost of Greenland

16:00  Daníel Hjálmtýsson

17:00     Hinemoa

18:00     Anatomy Of Frank (US)


Photo exhibitionin Black Box
Enjoy an exhibition by Photographer Rogier Boogaard while listening to music.



Silja Johannesen is a 19 year old singer/songwriter based in the Faroe Islands. She has been performing at local events in the Faroe Islands for a few years, and recently she started to write and play her own music. Her music genre is a mixture of heartfelt and intimate songs -to more lively and fun. Alongside Silja as a singer, she has two other faroese musicians with her. Tórður Dam Jacobsen with back up vocals and guitar, and Eyðun Hansen on the bass.  Facebook   Soundcloud


Magnetosphere is a soloproject from Margrét G. Thoroddsen in which soothing electronic music nourishes from a soulful voice, building up an amazing sound. Margrét is both music and lyric composer, singer, she plays piano/keys and percussion. Magnetosphere Ep-record, You, will be released online in 2017. Her first single came out earlier this year. Homepage  Soundcloud  Facebook



Ghost of Greenland er glæný sveit frá Reykjavík og hélt á sínu fyrstu tónleikaferð síðasta sumar. Sveitin hefur þó hist yfir rauðvínsglasi annað slagið síðustu þrjú árin og kunnu því gangandi vegfarendur á Baldursgötu, Guðrúnargötu og Hallveigarstíg að hafa heyrt ýmislegt útundan sér síðla á helgarkvöldum. Ghost of Greenland spilar þjóðlagakennt blúspopp þar sem klassískur hljóðfæraleikur og raddaður söngur ráða ríkjum. Facebook


Daníel Hjálmtýsson


Hinemoa is an Icelandic band that was formed in 2014 based in Reykjavík. Ásta Björg and Rakel Páls started Hinemoa because they had the passion to perform and work on their own material that didn’t fit in any other projects they were working on. The main focus of Hinemoa is harmonies, acoustics and rhythms that combined make relaxing,
enjoyable music. Hinemoa’s music soundscape is a bit like Fleetwood Mac, Paperkites, and Ásgeir. In Hinemoa are, Ásta Björg Björgvinsdóttir (guitar, ukulele and vocals),
Rakel Pálsdóttir (guitar and vocals), Sindri Magnússon (Bass) and Kristófer, Nökkvi Sigurðsson (percussion). Hinemoa has been very active since august 2014 and played on
Menningarnótt at Harpa and Iðnó, at Melodica festival, Oktoberfest SHI, at Ragga Gröndals release party, 10 gigs at off-venue Iceland Airwaves, Concerts in Kaffi Solon, Loft Hostel and Hlemmur Square and at SamSams release concerts. At the moment Hinemoa is working on songs for their debut album.
Bandpage   Facebook  Twitter   Instagram   Soundcloud


The Anatomy of Frank is a nuanced, emotive indie band from the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. Driven by timeless melodies and the intricate fingerpicking of frontman Kyle Woolard, the band moves comfortably between near-silence and explosive climaxes, creating musical journeys that touch all points on the emotional spectrum. Music  Web  Facebook


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