Airwaves off venue- FÖSTUDAGUR


Airwaves off venue in The Nordic House


Welcome to the Nordic House -Black Box and enjoy an elaborate OFF VENUE program. Admission is free!

More information on the artists can be found below.


13:00     I Am Soyuz (SE)

14:00     Heiðrik (FO)

15:00     Small Time Giants (GL)

16:00     Rökkvi (FO)

17:00     VAR

18:00     X-Heart (SE/IS)

Photo exhibition in Black Box
Enjoy an exhibition by Photographer Rogier Boogaard while listening to music.



I Am Soyuz:  Stockholm based singer-songwriter I Am Soyuz is an up and coming pop act playing with calm sounds of various instruments and mesmerizing female vocals in a haze of folk with dreamy lyrics. Catchy but delicate songs like „Still I Fly“ and „Build on Fire“ – the spotless two-minute pop song – put her on a lot of people’s radar. Keeping the idea of imaginary travels alive, her new tune „Weightless Waves“ evolves around the melancholic sense of the unknown, experimenting with the low-key sounds of an 80s omnichord with held back airy vocals.  The music project began 2013 when she was travelling by bus from New Orleans through Texas to Mexico alone with her ukulele. She was stopped at the border by mexican police and played a small tune for them, which made them let her go. Here she realised how powerful and moving a simple tune could be. In this spirirt she appears all around Europe, in Rome, Budapest, Stockholm and Croatia. Growing up in the north of Sweden, but now residing in a villa with eight hippies on an island in central Stockholm, she is full of adventure and freedom. Soundcloud   Youtube  Facebook  Homepage



Heiðrik (Hi´drik) is the sound of a new generation of music hailing from the remote and tiny Faroe Islands. After moving to Iceland to study Fine Art, Heiðrik started to record his new album “Funeral” which was produced by Janus Rasmussen from the famous electro duo with Ólafur Arnalds – Kiasmos. His new album Funeral is a collection of songs dealing with his past and LGBT youth of his isolated conservative home environment. The album, consisting of 10 organic and acoustic tracks driven by piano, strings, ukulele as well as Heiðrik’s softly expressive vocal, takes us on a melancholic, confrontational and mildly humorous journey inspired by jazz and folk from 1920s to the 1950s. His fragile and versatile voice has been compared to singers, such as Anohni from Antony and the Johnsons, Jeff Buckly and Roy Orbison. Youtube   iTunes  Spotify  Soundcloud



Small Time Giants: The band originates from South Greenland in a little town called Qaqortoq. In Greenland the town is known for having raised many of the talented artists that Greenland has to offer. Small Time Giants is now one of Greenland’s top live acts and has recently had the honor of writing the official theme song We Are The Arctic for the Arctic Winter Games 2016 that was held in Nuuk, Greenland this winter. Small Time Giants is among the few international artists that is also touring outside Greenland.
Links to music: We Are The Arctic  3-9-6-0   Spotify  Facebook  Instagram


Rökkvi is a new band from Faore Island and they gave out their first CD in April this year. The gengre is something like electro-rock/pop. The melodies are highly interesting and the texts are emotionally strong. The inspiration for music they play comes from the hard times in [rökkvi]’s leadsinger personal life. Honest and deep.
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VAR is a band from Iceland formed in 2013. Júlíus, the lead singer and composer of VAR started the project, writing songs in his home which were mainly recorded by him and Myrra Rós. Their self titled EP came out on the German label Beste Unterhaltung in 2014 and shortly after that release they added Egill Björgvinsson, Arnór Jónasson, and Andri Freyr Þorgeirsson to form a full band to perform the songs as intended. With the band’s arrival, the sound of VAR changed to become even bigger, more raw, stretching the core of Júlíus’s songwriting and creating the perfect platform for the band to begin the writing of new material in which everyone could claim their space in the bands soundscape. Members, Júlíus Óttar Björgvinsson, Myrra Rós Þrastardóttir, Egill Björgvinsson, Arnór Jónasson and Andri Freyr Þorgeirsson.
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X Heart was formed during the fall 2015 after that Gudmundur Mogensen and Æsa Saga Árdal moved to Reykjavík from Stockholm. The band now consists of seven members, both from Sweden and Iceland. Their music has 80´s vibes related to New wave and post punk. X Heart are now working on their debut EP which will be released later this year. Photo: Hillevi Högström  Soundcloud   Facebook