Music with Alan Courtis- TALK


Music with Alan Courtis- TALK in The Nordic House February 4th at 12 pm.

Alan Courtis is a musician with 20 years of experience of working with disabled people. Alan both composes and teaches music to kids and grown-ups with disabilities and has done so all over the world. The TAKL is in English and is free of charge.

Alan Courtis lives in Argentina. He holds a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires where he runs an Music Workshop and Seminars with Fundación Artistas Discapacitados. He also teaches at Conservatorio “Astor Piazzolla”, Talleres Fontanarrosa, etc. He has worked for more than twenty years on worldwide music projects integrating people with disabilities, to mention a few: Reynols, Mumbling Wolves, Les Harry’s de l’Hôpital de jour d’Antony, DNA AND?, Creahm, Club Théo Van Gogh, Institut René Thône, Ampliflied Elephants, Electroability Stavanger, Daddy Antogna y los de Helio, Bergen Superorkester, etc. El Cisne (Argentina), Educación Especial (Peru) and Grupo Docente (Spain). He has conducted workshops in institutions from Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, Mexico, Peru, Chile, United States, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, China & Japan.

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