8+ Shorts for Children -Riff

8+ Shorts for Children

1 October


Price 700ISK

Icelandic dubbing

Louise Ní Fhiannachta USA 2013 / 11 min
Young Ruby refuses to believe that God exists. Instead, she reads Charles Darwin and angers both her teacher and her mother by declaring that she is an atheist. Behind her beliefs, Ruby carries a secret.


I’ll Stop Crying If You Stop Crying
Andy Glynne GBR 2012 / 4 min
Hamid escaped from Eritrea and now lives in Great Britain. In this short film he talks about his dreams and his future.


Edward Cook NLD 2015 / 16 min
Keet is ten years old and her heart burns for one thing and one thing only: skateboarding. She has already mastered a bunch of tricks. The girls at Keet’s school have a hard time understanding her passion. She’s already earned the respect of the other skaters, but most of them are boys and Keet wants to change that.


Jonas and the Sea
Marlies nav der Wel NLD 2015 / 12 min
All his life, Jonas’ deepest wish has been to become part of the underwater world but every invention he’s built to help fulfill his dream has fallen short. Late in life, as a thick white beard has come to cover his face, old Jonas stumbles upon what may be the crucial piece which always managed to elude him.


Adventure With Fear
Cristina Vilches ESP 2015 / 11 min
If you find a monster under your bed, let it take you to he most secret and beautiful places in the world.


Take Your Partners
Siri Rødnes DEU 2015 / 11 min
Ollie is eight and crazy about football and the Wild West. At the Easter parade at school, Ollie refuses to accept conventional gender roles. With the support of her parents, Ollie finds her own way of dealing with the situation.


Sanna Liljander FIN 2015 / 5 min
What would you do, if your best friend had to leave?





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