Imaginary Friend – Family Workshop

13:00 - 15:00
Children's Library
Free entry

The imagination is bubbling when the Enkis’ world become reality through the cinematic work “Et Lysglimt Herfra” (“A Glimmer of Light from Here”) filled with puppet theatre, songs and enchanting effects.

While watching the Enki puppets on screen, we will have a whimsical workshop where you can draw and shape your own Enki out of silk clay and maybe even give it life. Enkis are small creatures the size of your toothbrush who lives on a floating planet among the clouds in your mind. They bring hope in difficult times and are with you as soon as life hurts.

There are three different kinds of Enkis: the sensible blue, the adventurous purple, and the compassionate orange. Together we will figure out which Enki is yours.

Come with us on the 23rd of October from 1 – 3 pm at the children’s library in the Nordic house where we will fly into the land of fantasy and return with an Enki friend in our hands.

The creator is Emma Frøslev Lundsby.

Emma is an artist and filmmaker who is currently studying Multiplatform Storytelling and Production. She grew up in Denmark among both tall and short trees. Her favourite colour is the sky and her craft is creating inspiring stories.