Teitur Magnússon – Picnic Concerts


He’s back! The popular act Teitur Magnússon played a concert at Pikknikk last year which attracted both a big crowd and coverage from Icelandic national television. Now, Teitur is in the process of releasing new material, and notably he has written a track with synth icon Dj Flugvél og Geimskip. Catchy pop with Icelandic lyrics and bossanova rhythms – what could go wrong? Take it easy and enjoy the ride.

Photo: Lars Skjelbreia


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The Nordic House opens the glass doors and invites you to concerts under the luminous Icelandic sky every Sunday afternoon during the summer in our beautiful greenhouse. The Picnic Concert Series presents award winning Icelandic and international artists with music inspired by tradition or experimenting with the newest genres and tendencies.

The concerts are free and open for all!

You can buy coffee, cake, food or drinks in Aalto Bistro to take out or enjoy afterwards in the iconic rooms of Alvar Aalto.


June 24th. Ari Árelíus (IS)
July 1st. Ösp Eldjárn (IS)
July 8th. Snorri Helgason (IS)
July 15th. Silja Rós (IS)
July 22nd. Teitur Magnússon (IS)
July 29th. Flekar (IS)
August 5th. Nightjar (SE)
August 12th. Malin Thunell (SE)
August 19th. Hildur Vala (IS)