SHE’S A SHOW feat. a rawlings

18:30 - 20:00

SHE’S A SHOW aka poet Mette Moestrup and musician Miriam Karpantschof is a feminist duo from Copenhagen. Their motto is AGGRESSION AND FUN! But they also work with weird, trashed, fragile soundscapes and themes.

SHE’S A SHOW will perform and introduce their audiovisual project in which words, sound, and visuals interact. The audiovisual and interdisciplinary project is made in collaboration with a group of women artists from the Nordic countries—among them ecopoet a rawlings who lives in Reykjavik.

Join the trio for an hour with feminist aesthetics, fun, and experiments!

SHE’S A SHOW began in 2010 as a live duo. SHE’S A SHOW is musician Miriam Karpantschof & poet Mette Moestrup. SHE’S A SHOW is a feminist space for experiments. SHE’S A SHOW combines words with sound & performance. SHE’S A SHOW is electronica, lyre playing, voices, semi-rap, bird calls, beats. SHE’S A SHOW is trashed & tender. SHE’S A SHOW is queering gender. SHE’S A SHOW loves the body & the brain. SHE’S A SHOW is an aggression & fun. SHE’S A SHOW embraces imperfection & improvisation. SHE’S A SHOW puts the clit on the map. SHE’S A SHOW is dancing & discussing. SHE’S A SHOW takes place in your mind. SHE’S A SHOW makes you sing you’re a feminist (even if you’re not). SHE’S A SHOW has performed at many literary & music events & festivals. SHE’S A SHOW almost stopped doing live performances after a car crash in 2011. SHE’S A SHOW is about finding new ways of creating despite injuries & trauma. SHE’S A SHOW is a grief ritual. SHE’S A SHOW helps you through heartache. SHE’S A SHOW is a choice, a friend. SHE’S A SHOW gives you a break from patriarchy. SHE’S A SHOW knows how. SHE’S A SHOW is norm creative. SHE’S A SHOW is about connecting & sharing. SHE’S A SHOW is a digital & audiovisual platform since 2017. SHE’S A SHOW, the platform, is a collaboration with digital designer Hanna Bergman. SHE’S A SHOW, the platform, shows videos and visuals by Nordic female artists, who were given free hands to interpret the songs and poems. SHE’S A SHOW is inter-Nordic & rethinking the Nordic. SHE’S A SHOW is working with antiracism & critiquing whiteness. SHE’S A SHOW is for lesbians and also for non-lesbians. SHE’S A SHOW is a cross-aesthetic & interdisciplinary collective. SHE’S A SHOW explores how feminist aesthetics can be an activist. SHE’S A SHOW digs women in technology. SHE’S A SHOW is wow. SHE’S A SHOW is for the other. SHE’S A SHOW is open.


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