PIKKNIKK TÓNLEIKAR: Soheil Peyghambari

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PIKKNIKK #6: The Nordic House summer concert series` sixth act is Soheil Peyghambari! Soheil is performing on Sunday 28th July at 3pm. Free entry as always and bring your friends!

Soheil Peyghambari was born in Iran in 1985. Having studied Clarinet and Music Composition at Tehran Conservatory of Music, he also worked as Sound Engineer in Kargadan Studio since 2008. „Assumption“, his very first Album has been widely represented in „Les contes de jour et de la nuit“ émission in Radio France and also nominated for the best fusion
album of the year in Fadjr International Music Festival. Having been joined the Progressive-Jazz band „Quartet Diminished“since2016; „Station Two“ album was also nominated for the best Modern Jazz Album of the year in Fadjr International Music Festival. “Station Three” the last album of the Quartet Diminished has been released in 2021 with Colin Bass, member of the British legendary progressive band CAMEL, as a guest musician.

In 2019 he was invited to participate in „Show of hands“ International Improvisation Festival alongside with several honorable names in Jazz World like Yuri Honing, Markus Stockhausen, Adam Pieroncyk. During his continuous still ongoing collaboration with international musicians all around the world; with the French jazz musician Franck Dadure he recorded an improvisation emission in Radio France „Tapage Nocturne“ in 2018, „Småland project- scapes“ album is a result of an improvised collaboration with Swedish musicians Stefan Levin and Hans Nyma recorded in Stockholm, released in November 2020. Another Modern Jazz album (Möhit) recorded in Barcelona in 2020 with Vasco Trilla on drums and Alex Reviriego on double bass has been released in 2020 as well. He participated in an album for the American Progressive-Jazz record label
„Moonjune Records“ with well known Jazz Musicians Tony Levin and Bele Beledo in 2020 (to be released in early 2023) and released his first collaborating project with American musician, Kevin Kastning in 2021. “Dysphoria” the second solo album of Soheil Peyghambari has been released in 2021 by a Slovak label, HevHetia.

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