Airwaves off venue- LAUGARDAGUR


Airwaves off venue í Norræna húsinu


Verið velkomin í Black Box  á vandaða dagskrá Norræna hússins að tilefni hátíðarinnar. Aðgangur er ókeypis og allir velkomnir meðan húsrúm leyfir.

Nánari upplýsinga um listamenn er að finna hér fyrir neðan.


13:00     VIL (IS/DK)

14:00     Einar Indra

15:00     Mikael Lind (IS/SE)

16:00     Hráefni

17:00     Mosi Musik

18:00     Birth Ctrl



VIL is a new music project by Maria Bay Bechmann and Julius Rothlaender, based somewhere in between Denmark and Iceland. After combining for an entry in the side project’Mount Theodore’in fall 2015,the two decided to use that as their starting point for further experiments and their very own musical approach towards silence. Vil’s mellow and moony songs promptly found their way to stages, playing first shows in Copenhagen, Reykjavík and Berlin, support tours for Einar Stray Orchestra andHannah Epperson, as well asseveral festivalsduring the summer (Fusion Festival amongst others).The debut album ‘Mens vi falder stille’, mixed by Paul Evans and mastered by Valgeir Sigurðsson at Greenhouse Studios, will be released by the Berlin based record label ListenCollectivein february 2017.



einarIndra is an electronic musician from Iceland who mixes smooth electronics with his distinct vocal manipulation. At its core let’s call it electronic music, but with that certain singer/songwriter feel to it, einarIndra’s sound is best described as electronic soul music. His big retro synth sound and high pitch vocals are characteristic over the
smooth textures of pads and futuristic beats. einarIndra’s first album was released on the highly acclaimed Icelandic electronic label Möller Records in 2014. Since then he
has been apparent in the Icelandic music scene with a growing attention worldwide.  Homepage Facebook  Soundcloud  Spotify  Youtube  Instagram  Itunes


Mikael Lind is a composer of experimental ambient music, currently residing in Reykjavik, Iceland. He has got three full-length releases under his belt, as well as a number of digital releases, and this year he released the EP Intentions and Variations on the German Morr Music label. He recently earned a Master’s degree in electronic music production from the University of Edinburgh. Mikael’s music is often based around simple themes that gradually evolve into more complex creations, where sounds and textures are given enough space to slowly introduce themselves, expand, and finally be manipulated into something different. There’s a certain minimalism and sparseness in the choice of instruments, but not in how these instruments are treated. A simple piano line might be carefully developed into a full ambient orchestration with the help of electronic techniques of sound manipulation. Homepage  Facebook  Bandcamp


HRÁEFNI is a quartet, starring musicians that have been active in the Icelandic music scene for decades.
The band has played for over five years, with slightly different members during that time. Our music is described as catchy rockabilly blues – with a 70´s rock flavor. The band HRÁEFNI was selected to be a part of the Reykjavík Blues Festival last March. (  Members are as follows:Vocals and acoustic guitar: Valdimar Flygenring (composer) Double bass: Þorleifur Guðjónsson (KK band, Egó) Electric guitar: Beggi Morthens (Egó, GCD, Ikarus and several prominent bands through the years)
Percussion: Þórdís Claessen (various bands).  Facebook


Mosi Musik is an independent band from Iceland that plays upbeat Electric Ferrari Pop with a dash of Disco. Their music is a stylish mix of soul, hip hop, pop & R’n’B, ranging to electro beats. Mosi Musik released their debut album „I am you are me“ 25th of April 2015 and soon followed that up with a EP „I Am You Are Remix“ that came out on the Iclenadic National Day the 17th of June. Along with the album 3 music videos have been released. homepage


Birth Ctrl is an electronic duo based in Reykjavík. Members Bjarni and Una met while working at a coffee shop and quickly bonded over their identical taste in music and love for bands such as Sonic Youth and Beach House. They decided to form their own band and after deciding on a direction they began performing under the name Birth Ctrl in September 2016. Birth Ctrl’s music can be described as melodic synthpop with dreamy atmospheres in contrast with destructive drum beats. They aim to release their debut album by the end of 2016. Facebook  Soundcloud