Rewritten fairytales – Art In the foyer

 Rewritten fairytales, from an idea to a Work of Art!

Hlutverkasetur in collaboration with Art without Borders have organised an exhibition in the Nordic House in Reykjavík.

Everyone is welcome to the opening 14. September at 19.00.hrs ( 7.00pm)

Hlutverkasetur is a place of rehabilitation for people that have lost their way in life. The people taking part in the exhibition have had guidance in creating their Arts.

The preparation for the project began with a visit to the library of The Nordic House where the group studied fairy- and folktales.

From that visit emerged many fresh and exciting ideas. A few people made works of art from the existing fairy tales where as others made up a new version, new caricatures and new magical places.

At the exhibition you will see: oil paintings, drawings, watercolors, book works, unusual paper works, textile wall hangings and puppets.

The Arts teachers Anna Henriksdóttir and Svafa Björg Einarsdóttir have organised the project. The artwork in the exhibition has been made in art classes held at Hlutverkasetur.

At the opening of the exhibition the theatrical group called Humour directed by Edna Lupida will stage a unique performance for the guests.

María Gísladóttir who is one of the exhibitors will introduce her newly published coloring book of Doodles. Her inspiration is from Icelandic nature, Icelandic animals, wondrous creatures, patterns and lighthearted text.

The exhibition is from the 14th to the 28th of September.

Everyone is welcome to the opening on the 14th of September at 19.00.hrs ( 7.00pm).



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