Iben Mondrup: Tabita


Novel (Danish)
Iben Mondrup: Tabita, 2020

Five-year-old Tabita and her younger brother are torn up and adopted by business manager Bertel and his wife in the 1960s when the Danish couple after some years of living Greenland moves back to Denmark. The little Greenlandic girl longs terribly for home and finds only comfort in her little brother and her soulful doll, while her Danish parents’ marriage creaks heavily and the younger brother suddenly disappears. The tale of the little girl’s struggle with being someone else is a slow and powerful told nightmare. The Greenlandic nature and culture are described in detail in the meeting with the expectations that Danish culture is superior. Read the book and get an insight into past time´s relationship between children and adults, the Greenland / Denmark relationship, about painful love, failure, concealment and powerlessness.