Syv sind

Novel (Danish) Lotte Kaa Andersen: Syv sind, 2018

The final book in the romantic trilogy about life among the upper class after the financial crisis at one of Denmark’s richest addresses in Hellerup north of Copenhagen. We are not only invited into the pretty surface with beautiful, luxuriant and flowering gardens and large mansion villas with interior designer living rooms – it is also an entertaining description of the shadows and the true tales of the lives lived with love, quarrels and power struggles among spouses, questionable child upbringing, sugar babe and top career, shameful petty larceny in the supermarket and a little too much red wine, while some are born for money, some are newly rich, and others feel completely misplaced and just want to go home to Jutland. We are brought in under the shiny surface of seven neighboring families’ private lives after the pursuit of happiness and meaning with life – a page turner! Read first Hambros Allé 7-9-13 (2015) and 100 dage (2016).

Pictures from goodreads and artebooking