Mothers in Nordic literature

In this video series, we are looking at interesting topics and tendencies in new Nordic literature. The topic in this video is “Mothers in Nordic literature”.

The parent figure – and especially the role of the mother – has been examined and challenged in the literature the past few years. We want to recommend three good, Nordic examples of literary works that turn the traditional rosy picture of the mother on its head and look beyond the picture-perfect front. We recommend Voksne Mennesker by Marie Aubert, Den vita Staden by Karoline Ramqvist, and Mit Arbejde by Olga Ravn.

Keep an eye out for the next video, where we will look at a new and interesting topic in Nordic literature.

Do you want to read more about the Nordic literature’s treatment and exploration of parenthood and the role of the mother?

We also recommend: HHV, FRSHWN – Hanne Højgaard Viemose, Vinterbørn – Dea Trier Mørch, Nei og Atter Nei – Nina Lykke, Mit Barn – Cecilie Lind, Til min søster – Dy Plambeck, Et Dukkehjem – Henrik Ibsen, Menn i min situasjon – Per Petterson, Alt hvad du ejer – Caspar Eric, Ihmettä Kaikki – Juha Itkonen.