Lotte Garbers: Løbeklubben i Saudi

Løbeklubben i Saudi

Novel (Danish)

Lotte Garbers: Løbeklubben i Saudi, 2020

The main character Maiken takes us to a completely different women´s life in Saudi Arabia, perhaps the world’s most conservative country, where Arab women’s rights are minimal and men’s wealth and dictatorial power rule the country where the author herself has lived. Maiken travels to the capital as an anthropologist, where she has to monitor the dietary habits of female patients for a large international pharmaceutical company. She soon joins a running club for modern, rich and freedom-seeking women, where she wonders and reflects on how to live your life in different cultures. One of the women in particular fascinates Maiken, and she must re-evaluate her self-understanding. However, Maiken has many loose ends in Denmark, and she lies about the notice of termination from her previous job, her ex-boyfriend, to whom she owes money, and a father who keeps poking at her bad conscience. Get an insight into a different culture and different women’s life in the Middle Eastern kingdom, where you are surprised and enriched with new experiences.