Above / Below horizon- Exhibition

Above / Below horizon

Exhibition in the Nordic House foyer – Free entrance

If light is essential, so is time. In the exhibition ’Above / Below horizon’ two maps of time meet; one from over and one from under the horizon.

The exhibition draws on our experience of the natural world, creating an expanded sense of what is beyond the purely visible. It suggests a cartographic research, pulling the macro into the micro in order to evoke a tangible sense of time and origin.

A pinhole map of stars, ’Deep time Distant past’ originates in a belief that distant past could be written on much larger scales. A celestial portrait of moments in time that exist beyond presence and perception.

A microcosm, a closed cycle, ’Fragments’ is an attempt to closer examine present time. The encapsulation of a new existence enables the creation of a new calendar. The glass as an atmosphere, a real-time photosynthesis.

Bringing the polar night into the midnight sun, making past and present respond, approaching each other through light.

’Above / Below horizon’ engages with forces that are intangible and immense. It seeks visual means to make the incomprehensible tactile and suggests a translation of distant past and presence. A broadening of our understanding of the natural world.

A collaboration between Æsa Saga Otrsdóttir Árdal (SE/IS) and Sarah Maria Yasdani (SE).

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