Workshop on contemporary music – Ensemble Sirius

13:00 -14:30

Introduction to the music of “A Journey through the Nordic nature”

Saturday 26 August at 13:00 – 14:30. Free entrance. The introduction will be in English.


Ensemble Sirius are giving a concert at The Nordic House Sunday 27th August, but first they want to invite you for a lectures and workshop.

At the workshop, the ensemble will give an introduction to contemporary music in general and show how to relate to new classical music. The goal is to open people’s minds for new music so everyone dares to visit classical concerts with modern music on the program.

The musicians will tell and show how they work with the newly composed works that were written for them and how to make music based on the ideas and nodes of the composers. Besides that, Ensemble Sirius tells you the challenges you can meet as a musician when working with modern music and how the composers’ inspiration sources can help understand the music. The ensemble is based on the music that will be played at the concert the following day and there would be time to discuss and ask questions.

As a rounding of the workshop, participants get the opportunity to be involved in some exercises that the ensemble uses.

Ensemble Sirius is a modern music ensemble consisting of five women living in Aarhus. They play saxophone, double bass, piano, trumpet and percussion. This unusual composition of instruments in a classic context makes the ensemble unique. The project “A journey through the Nordic nature” wishes to strengthen the Nordic classical music tradition and to present contemporary composition music to the audience in an easily understandable and exciting way.

The ensemble creates a unique concert series in collaboration with composers from six Nordic countries, which take the audience on a musical journey through nature in the composers’ homelands.

The concert is Sunday 27 August at 15:00. Free entrance.