Ensemble Sirius – Concert


 Ensemble Sirius (DK/FO/SE/DE) – “The Journey through the Nordic Nature“

Concert / August 27th / 15:00 / Free and open for all

Check out Workshop on contemporary music – Ensemble Sirius on Saturday 26 August.

Ensemble Sirius is a contemporary music ensemble consisting of 5 women situated in Aarhus, Denmark. They play saxophone, double bass, piano, trumpet and percussion. This is a rare mix of instruments in a classical context, which makes this ensemble very unique.

The project “The Journey through the Nordic Nature “ is about founding a stronger Nordic classical music tradition, and serving contemporary music to people in an understandable and interesting way. In close collaboration with composers from six different Nordic countries, the ensemble is building an exclusive concert, which takes the audience on a musical journey through the nature of the composers’ home countries.
The composers are from Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Åland, Sweden and Denmark. They will be presented as a part of the concert, introducing their music to the audience through small personal videos. The composer from Iceland is Þurídur Jónsdóttir.

The project culminates in August – September 2017, where Ensemble Sirius will be touring for one month through the composers’ home countries, playing all in all 12 concerts.

The ensemble will be playing: 

Mette Nielsen (Denmark): “12 stilleben om dansk natur”

Isac Broman (Sweden): “Waves”

Lars Karlsson (Åland): “Sea Pictures”

Arnannguaq Posborg Gerstrøm (Greenland): “Silap Inua”

Atlí K. Petersen (Faroe Islands): “Siriusly”

Þuríður Jónsdóttir (Iceland): “Sandar”