SEQUENCES XI – Can’t See: Water

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Deep ocean surrounds the island and a soggy swamp surrounds the exhibition house. Massive waves and an endless abyss create visions of mythical creatures swimming around abandoned infrastructures, left there from an unknown time. The water moves towards the shore, carrying layers of time and ruins of the past. The heavy darkness of the depths of the ocean hides many secrets, and legends tell of monsters, terrifying when woken from their eternal sleep. When wandering in the swampy grounds, the sounds of those whose voices have not been heard are by their side.

This exhibition stems from the surrounding darkness. It starts from the feeling that the world is crumbling in our hands, while a strong wind blows the last of its remains even further. We cannot see the ever-growing threat of ecological destruction, just as we cannot see the potential new directions and life forms rising from the ruins of the old world.

Can’t See is divided into four chapters: Soil, Subterrain, Water and Metaphysical Realm and is  exhibited in Kling & Bang, The Living Art Museum, The Nordic House and The House of Collections. The chapters will provide a glimpse into spaces and times that are not usually perceived by the human eye: from the depths of the sea and layers beneath the soil to the debris of the past and visions of the future. The stories are told from a range of perspectives, from hybrid birds to bacteria, sea creatures, an ancient tree or the ever blasting wind, aiming to present different ways of seeing and experiencing the world that detach from the  numerous perspectives we are accustomed to. The moment in time is not fixed, allowing us to travel deep into the mythical past or imagine futures yet to come.

The performance programme accompanying the exhibition is an opportunity to come together at the darkest time of the year, for an exchange of energy and ideas. Often these performances take us to the frontier of transformation, to our bodily limits, shifting our minds to new spheres. Alongside the exhibition, the festival creates a space for imagination and symbolic thinking, to allow us to see further from ourselves.


Anna Niskanen (FI)

Benjamin Patterson (US)

Brák Jónsdóttir (IS)

Edith Karlson (EE)

Emilija Škarnulytė (LT)

Guðrún Vera Hjartardóttir (IS)

Gústav Geir Bollason (IS)

Katja Novitskova (EE)

Naima Neidre (EE)

Valgerður Briem (IS)

Curators: Marika Agu, Maria Arusoo, Kaarin Kivirähk, Sten Ojavee (Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art)

SEE MORE info on the whole program here on Sequences webpage. 

Sequences is an artist-run art festival held bi-annually in Reykjavík.The founders of Sequences are Kling & Bang, the Living Art Museum and the Icelandic Art Center.

Partners and Sponsors:
Nordic Culture Point, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Helsinki International Artist Programme, Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art, Visual Arts Fund, The Children and Culture fund of Iceland, The City of Reykjavík, National Gallery of Iceland, The Nordic House, Reykjavík Art Museum, Icelandic Art Center, The Living Art Museum, Business Iceland, and Kling & Bang Gallery, Pro Helvetia – the Swiss Art Fund, Zuzeum, Latvian National Gallery, Goethe-Institut Dänemark.

Accessibility: The exhibition is on view in Hvelfing exhibition space on the bottom floor that is accessible with an elevator from the main floor. Accessible restroom is on the main floor and all restrooms are gender neutral.