Sævar Karl: FÍN SÝNING

Sævar Karl: FÍN SÝNING

29.6 2016 – 14.8 2016

Welcome to the opening of „FÍN SÝNING“ in the Nordic House’s foyer!

Welcome to the opening of Sævar Karl (IS) exhibition. Wednesday 29.06 at 17:00

Program: Opening by The Nordic House, Sævar Karl and a performance by Óskar Guðjónsson on saxophone and Ife Tolentino on guitar and vocal improvisation. The Nordic House welcome you with a glass of wine or mineral water.

Sævar Karl is the first artist in our new project “Art in the foyer” and we are very happy to start the project where Nordic and Baltic artists can apply for exhibition in our hall.
You can read more about the project here: Exhibition Nordic House


Sævar Karl  (b. 1947)  has been involved with art all his life. In 1989, Sævar Karl founded the Gallery of Sævar Karl, located inside his fashion store. The Gallery was a popular and a known art venue in Reykjavík.

Sævar Karl is educated in Iceland and Germany and today he divides his time between Munich and Reykjavík. Sævar Karl has studios in both countries and is an active painter that participates in group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions in countries like Iceland, Denmark, Italy, Austria and Germany.

Sævar is a colourist and paints in an expressionist style, often on large surfaces.

The paintings on the exhibition in the Nordic House are large abstract paintings, some were exhibit in Venice in May and June of 2015 in connection with the Venice Biennale, other paintings are from this year.

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