Arts and design in the Nordic house

The Nordic House in Reykjavik exhibits Nordic and Baltic art and design. We have different rooms assigned to this, including two showrooms in the basement, which are used for large and long-term exhibitions.
Those are curated by the Nordic House, and are almost fully booked for the years 2018 – 2019.

In the foyer, there various exhibitions of the duration of three to six weeks. Nordic and Baltic artists working with all types and genres of visual art are welcome to apply for an exhibition.


How to apply for an exhibition in the foyer

The deadline for applications is March 31st  2018 for exhibitions in 2019. You can expect to get an answer about two weeks after deadline.

You are welcome to send your application and eventual questions to: with the subject: Kunstutstilling.

Applicant Criteria

The artist must live in a Nordic or Baltic country, or have Nordic nationality if living abroad.

The application should be written in either English or Scandinavian.

The application must consist of a short summary of the artistic expression (maximum one page), CV of the artist, and pictures (examples of artworks).

There are around four application rounds a year. You will get a confirmation that we have received your application, but only the selected artists will be contacted.


Description of the room

The foyer is the heart of the Nordic House, accessed by entering through the main door. Every guest of the house visits the space either by going to the restaurant, the library, the concert and conference hall, or a meeting room.

The exhibition area is big enough for about 14-17 pictures, each around 70-100 centimetres wide. Size and number of artworks is flexible.