Rauður – Picnic Concerts


Rauður (e. Red) is a moniker used by the musician and producer Auður Viðarsdóttir. She started out as a singer and keyboardist in the band Nóra, but in October 2019, she released her first solo album, Semilunar. Since then, she has performed at concerts and festivals around Europe, and her album received much praise by reviewers. Rauður’s music blends layers of her own voice with a dense soundscape of samplers and drum machines. Her compositions range from pop with soul and punk influences to EDM, and from there over to synth ballads.

Picnic Concerts

The Nordic House opens the glass doors and invites you to concerts under the luminous Icelandic sky every Sunday afternoon from July 5 – August 9 at 3 PM in our beautiful greenhouse. The Picnic Concert Series presents Icelandic artists with music inspired by tradition or experimenting with the newest genres and tendencies. The concerts are free and open to all!

You can buy coffee, cake, food, or drinks in MATR.