Borgþór Kjærnested- Christian X’s diaries


Borgþór Kjærnested was a Nordic correspondent for the Nordic news agencies 1977 – 1981, General Secretary of the Föreningarna Nordens Förbund in 1984 – 1988. The Secretary General of the Föreningarna Nordens Förbund 1990-1996, interpreter and translator of the year in 1973.

In 2010, he received from Queen Margarethe II. access to Christian X’s diaries about the Island which he wrote from 1908 to 1932. The book about the diaries are in progress and will be published in December.

Borgþór will present the contents of these diaries and answer any questions from the audience. The lecture will be in Swedish or Icelandic – depending on the audience.

The event will be held in the Black Box.

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