Architecture as a learning force     

15:30 - 17:00
Free entry

Teachers, mediators, educators, parents and those interested in mediation and development of pedagogical materials are invited to a presentation where Guja Dögg Hauksdóttir and Pihla Meskanen share their experience and entrepreneurial work in the development of teaching architecture. 

Architecture teaching touches on a variety of factors that contribute to the development of interdisciplinary project solutions, increases the value of aesthetic and conceptual aspects, and strengthens the student’s personal relationship with his subject. Environment has a great influence on our thinking and feeling, as well as personal identity and cultural worldview. Awareness of environmental influences is an empowering and important tool for opening the eyes of children and young people to critical thinking.

The event takes place in English and will be one and a half hour, with a space for questions and a conversation. Light refreshment will be offered to the event guests and entrance free of charge!

Guja Dögg presents his new book Borg og bý as well as sharing her extensive experience in the development and communication of architecture. Borg og bý is undoubtedly an innovative work in the Icelandic learning environment, derived from the author’s extensive development work that began in Finland 20 years ago, when the administrators of the Alvar Aalto Academy in Finland invited Guju Dögg to take part in a review of the curriculum of Finnish primary schools, together with Pihlu Meskanen, principal and founder of the architecture school ARKKI.

Borg og bý presents tried-and-tested projects in three publications that are suitable for primary school students at the youngest, middle and upper levels of primary school. Each publication is made up of an introductory section with a text that sets the content, approach and goals of each publication, in the larger context and tasks of the section, depending on the given emphasis.

The three publications will be on sale on a special offer during the event. 

In her presentation, Pihla Meskanen will delve into the ways in which architecture and design education can foster the development of future skills and competencies. Drawing upon three decades of experience as an architecture educator and creative curriculum developer, she will provide a diverse array of concrete examples from Arkki. Meskanen will illustrate how the Arkki curriculum incorporates not only the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) subjects but also humanities and social sciences, achieved through multidisciplinary projects where architecture takes the place of “A,” diverging from the conventional emphasis on the arts in the STEAM approach.
Furthermore, she lightly touches upon neuroscience in connection with analytical and creative thinking, and reveals the insights that underlie the Arkki motto “Play, Create, Succeed!

Learn more about Arkki here. 

Guja Dögg Hauksdóttir & Pihla Meskanen
Guja Dögg studied architecture in The School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark. She has worked on the creation and dissemination of architecture on a wide scale, incl. program production for television & for radio, academic and artistic research work on an international level, lecturing and writing, exhibition management and design, as well as developing material for teaching.      
Pihla Meskanen is a versatile professional with a Master’s degree in Architecture and a B.A in Education. She is the co-founder of Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth, established in 1993 in Finland. With three decades of leadership in Arkki, Meskanen has played a pivotal role in developing the creative curriculum and licensing Arkki programs across 10 countries worldwide via Arkki International, which she founded in 2013. At the core of the Arkki concept is a commitment to creative education that utilizes architecture and design as holistic, cross-curricular phenomena. This approach aims to impart broad-based cultural and civic literacy, fostering creative thinking and innovation skills. Meskanen’s impact extends beyond Arkki, as she has co-created numerous non-profit initiatives and events in the field of architecture education in Finland and internationally. 

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Photo: from Arkki webpage.