Baltic children’s culture festival in the Nordic house

Baltic Children’s Culture festival will be held in the Nordic house April 20 to June 14.

The Nordic house celebrates children’s culture by presenting Baltic culture in a creative way in  collaboration with people with background from the Baltic countries. During the first week of the festival, school groups will be invited to a collage workshop inspired by historical buildings from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Lithuanian artist Jurgita Motiejunaite tells children about the history of the buildings and assists them in making their own collages. Artworks resulting from the scrap workshop will be hung on the wall in the entrance of the Nordic house creating an exhibition that will last until the end of the festival, the 14th of June.

Various events will be held during the Baltic children’s culture festival. To name some are an instrument workshop where participants get to learn about Trejdeksnis, a Lithuanian percussion instrument and a Baltic story- and cartoon workshop working around a Lithuanian folk tale about a grass snake.

The library of the Nordic house furthermore offers story times in Lithuanian and Latvian and books in those languages will be available in collaboration with Modurmal – organisation on bilingualism. Books from the Lithuanian publishing house Big and Small will be among the selected children books.

An overview of events will be found in the event calendar of the Nordic house. The festival has a hybrid form meaning that the workshops are either open to the public or booked in advance by schoolgroups. Booking and information is given by Hrafnhildur, mediator of arts and culture:

Baltic Children’s Culture Festival