On the edge of the North

In this video series, we are looking at interesting topics and tendencies in new Nordic literature. The topic in this video is “The edge of the North”.

The edge of the North can be hard to define. Every country has its own areas that are both depopulated but also romanticized or longed for. The literature treats these areas with humor as well as drama. The small communities are picked apart and revealed in the literature. At the same time, other works seek these areas as a place of community and look at it with love and humor.

We want to especially recommend three good literary works, that examines a different aspect of the edge of the North: Jag for ner till bror af Karin Smirnoff (SE), Naasuliar Darpi (Blomsterdalen) af Niviaq Korneliussen (GR) og Juolgevuođđu (Såle) af Niillas Holmberg (FI).

Do you want read more? We further recommend: Vi, de druknede – Carsten Jensen, Hvis det skulle komme et menneske forbi – Thomas Korsgaard, På Bornholm må man græde overalt – Martha Flyvholm Tode, Populärmusik från Vittula – Mikael Niemi, Og sådan blev det – Maren Uthaug, När vändkrets läggs mot vändkrets – Mikaela Nyman, Hvitt Hav – Roy Jacobsen, Ø – Siri Ranva Hjelm Jacobsen, De Osynliga – Roy Jacobsen