Merete Pryds Helle: Nora


Novel (Danish)
Merete Pryds Helle: Nora, 2019

The novel is one of three Nordic reinterpretations of Henrik Ibsen’s plays – here a reinterpretation of Et dukkehjem (1879). The young and in love woman, Nora breaks up from her father’s house and marries Torvald, gives birth to a child and submits to the increasing depression of her husband while she disregards herself and her desire for knowledge. However, the notion of a happy marriage requires many sacrifices of Nora, who eventually feels trapped by the norms of the time. She bets everything and travels to the south with her Torvald in search of a cure for his dark state of mind. But Nora develops in the encounter with independent women and sees Torvald for who he is, after which she sees herself, frees herself and breaks out from the strict grip of conventions and the women’s view of the time. Read the book for the many fine layers of portrayal and understand what gives Nora the courage to leave home, husband and children.

Picture from and fra Plusbog