ANERSAAQ- Workshop for children

17:00 - 18:30

ANERSAAQ- Workshop for children 

At the Nordic House children’s library.  September 13th 17 – 18:30.

Children age 8 – 14 years old are welcome. Free entrance!

ANERSAAQ - spirit of place - Tura Ya Moya Norræna húsið Workshop

Be a part of a great Art project travelling in the North. Join the workshop and send your drawings and homemade slides with our Art-container to Greenland, Denmark and Berlin. Experience what other kids has been drawing from the place they live and make Snapshots of yourself in your own picture.  The workshop is created by the artist and art director Karen Thastum from Denmark. Karen is in Iceland to exhibit her installation on the Nordic House.

Language: Danish, English and Icelandic.