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How can we minimize the unfathomable amounts of waste being produced in Iceland every day, every year? And how can we take care of the valuable resources we already have available when building new structures? 

The Danish-Icelandic company Lendager explores these issues in the exhibition “Wasteland Iceland” – an ambitious and though-provoking display of solutions and future concepts for how we can work with Icelandic materials with respect for planetary boundaries. 

Focusing on a number of society’s dominant resource categories, such as glass, concrete, wood, plastic, and metal, the exhibition explores and addresses the root of the problem. It investigates local and regional resources and industrial resource flows, highlighting new potentials and innovative ways to reuse and reintegrate the materials into future projects. 

Visitors get a visual and tactile experience of pioneering material experiments and innovations, processes and learnings from implemented solutions. The exhibition is the physical manifestation of more than a decade of experimentation and revolt against the status quo, and the goal is to inspire dialogue and critical discussions about the urgency sustainable revolution across industries and institutions.

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Lendager is a Danish-Icelandic architecture and innovation studio committed to enabling a sustainable transition in and around the built environment.  

With a long list of acknowledged realized and on-going sustainable building projects in Iceland, Denmark, Germany and more, the studio continues to push the agenda and expand its efforts internationally and across industries.

Accessibility: Hvelfing exhibition space has good access via the elevator in the Atrium. Accessible restrooms are on the main floor (Atrium) and all restrooms are gender neutral.