Volund – Concert by Vilda Fåglar from Gotland


The choir Vilda Fåglar from Gotland performs at the Nordic House on the 9th of July at 8pm.

Vilda Fåglar (eng. Wild Birds) is a choir from Gotland, Sweden, consisting of 13 singers. This summer, they will be touring in Iceland with a musical drama Volund. It is an original piece based on the old stories of Gotland and Iceland’s common past (text by Eva Sjöstrand, music by Jan Ekedahls, arrangement for choir by Mats Hallberg).


Photo: Tommy Söderlund

Völundarkviða, one of the epic poems of the medieval Poetic Edda, represents a special connection between Iceland and Gotland. Volund is a performance piece where the writer Eva Sjöstrand recites the story of Völundarkviða in her mothertongue, Gutnish, which is easy to understand for speakers of Modern Icelandic. Along with this, the talented choir singers, five of whom are amazing soloists, perform music in Gutnish led by the choirmaster Karin Kickan Holmberg.

Tickets by the entrance, 1.500 ISK

Vilda Fåglar in Iceland:

7th July – Folk Music Festival in Siglufjörður

8th July – Hvammstangi church

9th July – The Nordic House in Reykjavík