Under the Polar Ice

Children's Library
Free entry

Under the Polar Ice – New exhibition at the children’s library.

We welcome you to the Nordic House children’s library, where we invite you to learn, play and read in the ambience of an underwater environment that we have created in-between the bookshelves.

The exhibition is made for children and their families and is part of our educational program for children and young people. Find more about our program for winter 2023 here. 

How do animals and plants survive in the coldest region of the world and how are they connected? What effect does plastic have on their lives and what can be done with plastic?
Visitors have the opportunity to learn about plants and animals that live in the Arctic Ocean, on the ice or deep in the ocean – but those organisms share their homes with countless amounts of plastic. The exhibition is based on the Norwegian book Under Polarisen by Line Renslebraten.

Design and implementation is done in collaboration with Þórdís Erla Zoega, an artist who has extensive experience with different plastics. Sorpa and Pure North give advice and assistance with the education material in collaboration with the mediator of art and culture here in The Nordic House.

The exhibition is open to everyone during The Nordic House opening hours Tue-Sun 10am – 5pm. Entry is free and wheelchair access is through Hvelfing exhibition space. You can book an appointment for guided group tours by sending an email to hrafnhildur@nordichouse.is