Disturbing existence- Lydia XZ Brown


What do queer people, disabled people, people of foreign origin and fat people have in common? How can these groups work together and learn from each other? These questions and others will be examined at the conference Disturbing Existence on March 3-4, 2017.

The keynote speaker will be Lydia XZ Brown, Autistic Hoya. They are an American activist and law student of Asian origin, autistic, disabled, asexual and genderqueer. They have been a human rights activist in the United States for years and we encourage all those interested in human rights to attend their keynote address. Despite their youth, Lydia is a popular lecturer and known for their well defined and fresh perspective on marginalized groups’ struggle for human rights. To register for the conference, click here.

Friday, March 3rd at the Nordic House:

Following Lydia XZ Brown’s keynote address, the program includes panel discussions and brief lectures by grass-roots activists working in Iceland. This portion of the conference is open to all and we wish to extend a particularly warm welcome to professionals and public officials who work on human rights-related issues.