The National Day of Norway May 17th 2017

The association of Norwegians in Iceland invites to a celebration of May 17th in the Nordic House with orchestra, parade, national costumes, sausages, ice cream, soda and coffee. A warm welcome to every one!


Program for the day

9:30 Fossvogur cemetary and Nauthólsvik

  • Word on the day and laying down of a wreath by the Norwegian ambassador Cecilie Landsverk at the memorial to the Norwegians who fell in the service of peace in and at Iceland during the Second World War.
  • Marking at the memorial at Nauthólsvik afterwards.


10:30      The Nordic House

  • May 17th for children and adults in the Nordic House. Sale of sausages, ice cream, soda and coffee.
  • 10:30 – 12:00: Games for children
  • 12:30 – 13:00: Communal singing
  • Film screening for children
  • We will be showing pictures from May 17th in Reykjavik from 1945 plus a video of May 17th in Reykjavik from 1953.
  • You can buy May 17th products
  • NB!! Bring cash if you want to buy food, drinks or May 17th products.
  • AALTO bistro will be open as usual, where you can buy a brunch consisting of herb omelet with feta, parma ham or smoked salmon, fresh fruits, green salad, fresh baked bread, tuna fish salad, yoghurt with rhubarb-raspberry sauce and homemade muesli.

13:15      Kópavogur school corps will be playing

13:30      May 17th procession The procession will walk from the Nordic House to the cathedral, where there will be a Norwegian service.


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