The Swedish duo Gursus


Gursus Iceland Tour – aka. the Tour of the Unexpected

The Swedish duo Gursus is coming to Iceland! 

Take the opportunity to experience this unique folk jazz clash.

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Unexpected meetings. Unexpected stories. Unexpected music.

The duo itself is a result of a sudden meeting between a folk fiddler and a jazz saxophonist, all caused by a delayed train. Together they perform a playful, powerful, expressive and a bit unruly music, drawing it’s roots from traditional folk music as well as free and modal jazz, with quite a bit of improvisation thrown into the blend.

Gursus Iceland Tour – aka. Tour af Óvænt

The tour will present the duo’s music in some unique settings, including the Vatnasafn / Library of Water of Stykkisholmur, Hveravellir hot spring and the Tvisongur sound sculpture in Seydisfjördur.

* * * * TOUR PLAN * * * *

30th Aug. Vatnasafn, Stykkisholmúr, 20.00, Free

1st Sept. Hveravellir, Free

2nd Sept. Reykahlidarkirkja, Mývatn, 20.30, 2000 ISK

3rd Sept. Tvisongur Sound Sculpture, Skaftfell Art Center Seidisfjördur, 17.00, Free

5th Sept. Norræna húsið, Reykjavik, 20.00, 2000 ISK

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gursus is Sven Midgren on fiddle and Ida Karlsson on tenor saxophone.
Ida’s warm tone and characteristic playing style meets Sven’s rooted dance groove and dynamic timbre. The sound is tight, honest and so close that you can smell the log fire from the tiny cottage where the duo’s rehersals are held.

The musicians are both well established among the younger generation in their respective genre.

Ida Karlsson is a saxophonist and composer playing with, among others, the free-form-movement-jazz-duo Medi and the swing band Who’s Your Mama – WYM, as well as Kathrine Windfeld Big Band (DK). Her own quartet IKQ has been described as music with clear influences from both modal 60’s jazz and Nordic folk music.

Sven Midgren is a folk musician deeply rooted in southern Swedish tradition. He’s previously performed with Scandinavian band Tranotra and together with different tradition bearers from his home region, as well as exploring improvisation in Swedish folk music. His fiddle playing provides both soothing tenderness and some rough and gritty groove and he often involves some storytelling in between the music.