The People’s Meeting: Social awareness and democracy

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Social awareness and democracy – how do we promote the participation of young people in social work?
Iceland and the Nordic countries are known for strong and positive leisure activities, and young people have the opportunity to join a large number of societies and clubs. Such clubs are more often than not a place where young people can boost their self-confidence, make new friends and pursue their interests. Unfortunately, the trend is that fewer young people take advantage of these opportunities. At the same time, the mental well-being of young people is deteriorating and more young people feel left out in society. This trend is particularly noticeable among young people in a vulnerable social situation who are at risk of ending up on the fringes of society. In order to promote the social participation of young people, there are various obstacles that need to be overcome.
The declining social participation of young people is a common challenge for all the Nordic countries. That’s why the Nordic council, in collaboration with the Danish Think Tank Mandag Morgen (Monday Morning), has decided to bring together young people, experts, representatives of volunteer organizations and the authorities in a conversation about the issue. Here, we will try to answer the question: How do we engage all our young people and empower them socially?