Susanna Alakoski


Susanna Alakoski (1962) was born in Finland but grew up in Sweden where she lives. She is a social worker by profession but in 2006 she published her first book, the autobiographical story Svinalängorna (Pigstalls) that immediately attracted attention. It tells of a Finnish family that moves to Sweden in the sixties in search of a better life. For her book Alakoski received the August-prize in 2006. The story has also been filmed starring Noomi Rapace and Ola Rapace winning the Nordic Council Film Prize in 2011. With her second book, Håpas du trifs bra i fengelset (2010) the author covers how excessive abuse and poverty passes from generation to generation those who moved from Finland to Sweden in search of a better life.
Social inheritance is of great concern in Alakoski´s work.

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