Sko, sko, sko – List Events

Jamm, Namm, Sko, Oh the event series is an extension of the art show Go which takes place in the Nordic House from the 1st December to the 12th of January.

In the series of events, well-selected artists will dig deeply into contemporary consumer culture and/or its impact on our environment and way of life through their work in the Nordic House.

Every Sunday in Advent is focused on a special issue and fourth in Advent on the water, looking for the result or Sko, sko, sko.

„Step by step, cup after cup.
We hear strange memories from inside the hall. Walking in circles, it’s all about to break.”


Video Art:

Leena Maria Saarinen – Natural Selection
Natural Selection: In the work, Leena uses popular films and selects the elements that people or man-made objects do not see. Afterward, nature is free from the context of man. Of 6 hours and 53 minutes of content, all there’s left is 1 min and 50 seconds.

Leena Maria Saarinen – Birdsong
Birdsong: The piece is a video and sound piece that makes bird songs visible through various alphabets and other sign systems. It seeks out connections and probabilities between them to disrupt the power structure of languages.


Eva Bjarnadóttir – Nýburaganga
Can we be born again? About a ringless body in an irrational world. Where can the primitive soundtrack (ah-eh-uh) lead us, in a sincere search for a simpler lifestyle, reduced consumption and greater awareness of the earth’s body. What constraints place the body, and what can we do to change behavior? The work is a half-hour walk through the immediate surroundings of the Nordic House, where newborns of all ages are welcome. The walk will be child-friendly.

Birkir Mar Hjaltested – brenndur*
@branded comes every Sunday to chat with guests about each other and provides insight into their influential lives. Come to the Nordic House on Sundays and get a self-signed photo or other merchandise.

Kristín Karólína Helgadóttir 
Christmas tree in the spirit of Alvar Aalto is decorated with jugs that the artist has personally absorbed over the years, most of the branded companies. The Christmas tree will be decorated in a beautiful ceremony under the guidance of the artist.

Sólbjört Vera – Bragð
Between 15 – 17 every Sunday, you are invited to come and taste with me. Come for a taste-brunch!
Looking forward to seeing you.

Eilíf Ragnheiður – Búbblan
The artist weaves himself into plastic that flies by, lies in a bubble and makes time pass. Dirty plastic and dried leaves fly by and end in Christmas balls up in the roof shade.

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