Self portraits and touch drawings: Scribble & doodle course

16:00 - 18:00
Free entry

Can a pen be used as glasses? Can we sharpen attention like a pencil? Rán leads the participants through various strange and fun exercises and projects that she herself uses to sharpen her senses and document daily life and the environment in words and pictures. Here it’s not about drawing well, but about looking and listening through the pencil.

The course includes presentation of several professional doodlers and their works, exercises in touch drawing (at three levels of difficulty), micro-courses in spy drawing, autobiographical character creation as well as drawing and imagination games that can be used in your own sketchbook and diary writing.

On the occasion of Nordic Literature Week and Icelandic Language Day, a 2-day writing course with Rán Flygenring is offered for 12-year-olds and older.

Free of charge and everyone (12+) is welcome! Sign up on email to


Rán Flygenring has Norwegian and Icelandic roots, born in Oslo and grew up in Reykjavik. She works as an independent illustrator and author, sometimes in Reykjavík and sometimes around the world. She has published nearly 20 books in Iceland and Germany, both independently and in collaboration with other authors and the books have been translated in many different languages. She has also done “fast drawings” during conferences and meetings, used drawing analyzation in strategic planning and equality matters. She is also a painter and has painted murals, stamps, and beer cans. She founded a Puffin hotel – as an art project, has drawn city planning solutions and directed videos. Rán has received various awards for her works.


Accessibility: Hvelfing exhibition space is on the bottom floor that is accessible with an elevator from the main floor. Accessible restroom is on the main floor and all restrooms are gender neutral.