“Out of shadows, creeping, crawling…”

Our summer exhibition for children, Rockscramblers, is inspired by the illustrated poetry of poet Mats Söderlund and illustrator Kathrina Skarðsá that was published in the anthology The Length and Breadth of the Nordic Region: Ecocritical currents in Nordic children’s and young people’s literature earlier this year (2021) under the Swedish title Stenskravlare. The antology was produced by the Nordic House in Reykjavík and is a part of the three-year long project LØFTET which is financed by the Nordic Counsil of Ministry. This particular anthology is the second in a series of three that will be published and those will all be the result of nordic collaboration between different scholars, publishers, writers and illustrators that get the opportunity meet and work together on a yearly summer workshop.

The poem Rockscramblers could be interpreted as the story of earth seen from the perspectives of stones and rocks and Skarðsá’s illustrations add a further meaning to the words by ending the story in a bright green and hopeful kind of way. On view are the illustrations and poetry in its original form and those interact with a mysterious recording of Söderlund himself reading his poem. Inspired by Skarðsá’s illustrations we have built a cave where young visitors can have a cozy time and try out our new climbing wall! The popular magnetic wall from our last exhibiton has also gotten an updated look.

Welcome to the children’s library to experience the fantasy-world of the rockscramblers!