OLLIANNA: Story hour & Family workshop during Pride Week

11:30 - 13:30
Children's Library
Free entry
Ollianna is a new picture book from Gro Dahle about wondering whether you are a guy or a girl and what happens if you dare to be yourself. The authors take up major themes such as gender and identity. The book is is beautifully illustrated by Kaia Dahle Nyhus, with simple lines and colors she illustrates the feelings of Olianna.

Olli has always been Olli. Mommy’s and daddy´s little boy. Dad wants to walk across the fields and wade across rivers, run, fish and climb the mountaintops, and he wants Olli to be with him and be strong. But Olli has strong eyes and good eyesight. He sees everything that sparkles and shines and everything that is too small and too narrow. He sees that the name Olli is too tight like a small sweater because Olli is not Olli.

What will happen if he becomes Ollianna? Does dad still want to take Olianna for hikes?

After a short reading from the book in Norwegian, guests are invited to draw and paint emotions through fun exercises.

Olianna experiences emotions through colors and sees her mom as red and dad as blue – (at least when dad is angry). Mom is red like a deep warm couch and a red truck full of words. Olianna experiences understanding and warmth immediately from her mother and her yellow dog, and later from her father – after he learned to see and understand better.

The workshop is held to celebrate Pride week and diversity in Reykjavík. Free entry and everyone is welcome! Please note that access is for wheelchairs through Hvelfing exhibition space. Accessible bathroom is on the main floor and all bathrooms are gender neutral. The workshop is in norwegian, Icelandic and English.