Oh, ho, ho – List event with Hege Tapio

Jamm, Namm, Sko, Oh the event series is an extension of the art show Go which takes place in the Nordic House from the 1st December to the 12th of January.

Every Sunday of the Advent was focused on a special subject in connection with the visual art exhibition GO! Now we have reached the final stage and we are looking at the solution or Oh, ho, ho.

Norwegian artist Hege Tapio will give a lecture on her work in the Nordic House lecture hall. Particular emphasis is placed on the work “HUMANFUEL” and the process behind it.

The quest for vanity might flip the perspectives of extorting and excavating the world for its natural resources. Human body fat is an oil that can be rendered and burned very easily into fuel like any other oil. Bio-diesel is produced by transesterification of triglycerides with the aid of an alcohol such as ethanol or methanol, and a diesel engine can be powered by bio-diesel without substantial modifications. Fuel derived from fat will give approximately the same mileage as regular diesel.
In energy terms, the average BTU (British Thermal Unit) of a gallon of human body fat is actually 11% higher than the BTU of a gallon of diesel gasoline.”

Nánari upplýsingar um Humanfuel

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