New Danish feminism


The Nordic Region in Focus organizes an event with the Danish feminists and debaters Geeti Amiri and Natasha Al-Hariri at The Nordic House, Tuesday, January 23, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.

Geeti Amiri and Natasha Al-Hariri offer a new perspective on the lives of immigrant women in Denmark and an ideology that allows women to live their lives as they wish. The discussion will be conducted in English. Everybody is welcome.

Geeti Amiri

Geeti Amiri is born in Afghanistan 1988 and was six years old when she immigrated with her family to Denmark. She has been active and important in the social debate in Denmark for years, and in 2016 she published the book “Glansbilleder“ where she tells about her life and the battles you are forced to take when you originate from another cultural background.  Geeti Amiri is a radio host in the Danish National Broadcasting Service, where she addresses the struggle of young people with immigrant backgrounds.

Natasha Al-Hariri 

Natasha Al-Hariri is a 29-year-old Dane with Palestinian origin. She fled as a child to Denmark from the city of Lebanon with her family. She has a law degree and has for many years been a popular speaker. Natasha fights for a better understanding of Muslim women in Denmark and wants to change how they are perceived. She has also worked with various organizations, e.g. those who fight for improved treatment of refugees.